The Lack Coal Mine

The coal mine was located on the land now owned by Mr Noel Egan. It produced a very low-grade coal known as colm.

The Valuation Office report of 1850 states that the colm pit was owned by the landlord, Stafford O’Brien. They were opened in 1847 and were in operation until 1850. The report also states:

‘since that time a new agent has been appointed over the property, which is the cause of the works being discontinued as he must have cash at the pit mouth. Formerly the people got credit for 3 to 6 months at a time.’

The inspector further states that he had been informed that:

‘when in active operation and credit given they made cent per cent on the outlay. The charge at the pit is 10s per ton.’

Sonny Honan stated that the pits continued in production until roughly the 1890s. He was informed by Bid Mongovan:

‘that most of the workforce came from Tonlegee; her mother used to provide them with tea/lunch at ground level. One day as they were having tea the pit collapsed. Fortunately all of the workers were above ground level in safety. The pits were then closed down.’

The colm was taken to Clarecastle by horse and cart. The return trip took a day. It is likely that it was transported to Limerick and used in the local iron industry.