Appendix F – School Register: 1863 – 1975

Note: The register was maintained in Irish from 1931. Consequently the roll would have been called in Irish from that date.

Year Name and Townland Ainm agus Seoladh
1863 Ellen King Glounaprehane
1865 James Crowley Lack
Ellen Sheehan Tonlegee
1866 Andrew Kelly Tonlegee
Mary Kelly Lack
Margaret Honan Lack
1867 Margaret Egan Coolsippeen
Anne McNamara Coolsippeen
Bridget King Glounaprehane
Johanna Crowley Lack
1868 Patrick Murphy Coolsippeen
Michael McMahon Glencanane
Terence McMahon Glencanane
Francis J Crowley Lack
Thomas Dundon Lack
Margaret Hehir Lack
Honor Honan Lack
Daniel Honan (Mat) Lack
Daniel Honan (Pat) Lack
John Sheehan (Cr) Tonlegee
1869 Ellen Clancy Burren
Mary Clancy Glencanane
Bridget Crowley Lack
Catherine Hehir Lack
Patrick Honan Lack
Honor Brooks Sheshive
William Brooks Sheshive
1870 Bridget McCormick Coolsippeen
Mary Hehir Lack
Andrew Honan Lack
Mary Clancy Leimnaleha
John Sheehan Leimnaleha
Patrick Clancy (Js) Lisnafaha
Thomas Cleary Lisnafaha
John McCarthy Lisnafaha
Martin Kelly Tonlegee
Bridget Mongovan Tonlegee
Mary Mongovan Tonlegee
Ellen Sheehan (Pat) Tonlegee
Thomas Sheehan Tonleqee
1871 Anne Pender Breafa
Susan Pender Breafa
Cornelius Clancy Burren
Denis O’Dea Crahera
Sarah O’Dea Crahera
Daniel Clancy Glencanane
Thomas McMahon Glencanane
Margaret King Glounaprehane
Michael King Glounaprehane
Ellen Barry Lack
John Hehir Lack
Margaret Hehir (Pat) Lack
Michael Hehir (Pat) Lack
Margaret Hickey Lack
Anne Honan Lack
Ellen Honan Lack
Margaret McNamara Leimnaleha
Patrick Cleary Lisnafaha
Timothy Cleary Lisnafaha
Michael Brooks Sheshive
James Mongovan Tonlegee
Patrick Mongovan Tonlegee
Morgan Sheehan Tonlegee
Mary Slattery Tonlegee
1872 James Gavin Breafa
John Gavin Breafa
Margaret Pender Breafa
James Clancy Burren
Patrick Hehir Burren
Anne Greene Coolsippeen
Bridget Greene Coolsippeen
Patrick Greene Coolsippeen
Martin Honan Coolsippeen
Mary Honan Coolsippeen
Winifred O’Dea Crahera
Bridget Clancy Glencanane
Thomas Clancy Glencanane
Anne Moloney Glencanane
Bridget Moloney Glencanane
Michael Moloney Glencanane
Susan O’Connor Glencanane
Anne King Glounaprehane
James Barry Lack
Bridget Clohessy Lack
John Clohessy Lack
Mary Clohessy Lack
Bridget Hehir Lack
Bridget Hehir (Ml) Lack
Sarah Hehir Lack
Michael Hickey Lack
Bridget Honan (Matt) Lack
Denis Clancy Leimnaleha
Mary Clancy (Denis) Leimnaleha
Murty McNamara Leimnaleha
Patrick McNamara Leimnaleha
James McNamara Leimnaleha
John Clancy Lisnafaha
Thomas Clancy Lisnafaha
Patrick Clancy (Pat) Lisnafaha
James Cleary Lisnafaha
Bridget McCarthy Lisnafaha
Catherine McCarthy Lisnafaha
Mary O’Dea Lisnafaha
Bridget Kelly Sheshive
James Finucane Tonlegee
John Keane Tonlegee
Patrick Rice Tonlegee
Margaret Ryan Tonlegee
Catherine Sheehan Tonlegee
John Sheehan Tonlegee
Honor Sheehan (Bl) Tonlegee
Mary Sheehan (May) Tonlegee
Michael Sheehan Tonlegee
Michael Sheehan Tonlegee
Thomas Sheehan Tonlegee
Thomas Sheehan Tonlegee
1873 Michael McGrath Breafa
Catherine McMahon Breafa
Patrick Pender Breafa
William Pender Breafa
Mary Clancy Burren
Susan Clancy Burren
Mary Corbette Burren
Michael Hehir Burren
Bridget McCarthy Burren
Bridget McNamara Burren
Honor McNamara Burren
John Considine Coolsippeen
Patrick Considine Coolsippeen
Michael Egan Coolsippeen
Catherine Honan Coolsippeen
Catherine McCormick Coolsippeen
Patrick Murphy Coolsippeen
John McGrath Crahera
Margaret Clancy Glencanane
Martin Barry Lack
Michael Clohessy Lack
Ellen Hehir Lack
Martin Hehir Lack
Michael Hehir Lack
Mary Hehir(Pat) Lack
Bridget Honan (Dr) Lack
Bridget Kelly Lack
Anne Finucane Leimnaleha
John McNamara Leimnaleha
Edmond Murphy Leimnaleha
Catherine Reidy Leimnaleha
Peter Cleary Lisnafaha
Thomas McCarthy Lisnafaha
Mary Sheedy Lisnafaha
Honor Kelly Sheshive
John Kelly Sheshive
Sarah Kelly Sheshive
Bridget Finucane Tonlegee
Mary Finucane Tonlegee
Michael Finucane Tonlegee
James Keane Tonlegee
Patrick Kelly Tonlegee
Mary Sheehan Tonlegee
Bridget Sheehan (Bl) Tonlegee
1874 Bridget Gavin Breafa
Edmond Pender Breafa
Daniel Pender Breafa
Thomas Pender Breafa
Bridget Casey Breafa (ex Lissycasey)
Catherine Casey Breafa (ex Lissycasey)
Bridget Meskill Breafa (ex Lissycasey)
Margaret Meskill Breafa (ex Lissycasey)
Michael Meskill Breafa West (ex Lissycasey)
Jane Pender Breafa (ex Lissycasey)
John Pender Breafa (ex Lissycasey)
Michael Pender Breafa (ex Lissycasey)
James Casey Breafa Mor
John Casey Breafa West (ex Lissycasey)
Margaret Clancy Burren
Conor Clancy Burren
Thomas Collins Burren
Michael Hehir Burren
John Honan Burren
Patrick Ronan Burren
John Ronan Burren
Anne Collins Burren (ex Lissycasey)
Bridget Honan Burren (ex Lissycasey)
Catherine Honan Burren (ex Lissycasey)
Martin Ronan Clonfurish
Mary Considine Coolsippeen
Michael Considine Coolsippeen
Michael Hannon Coolsippeen
Thomas Hannon Coolsippeen
Michael Torpy Coolsippeen
Mary Eyres Cranny
Catherine Moloney Glencanane
Joseph Cahill Glounaprehane
Patrick King Glounaprehane
Michael Crowley Lack
Margaret Hehir Lack
Michael Hehir (James) Lack
Sarah Hehir (Pat) Lack
Susan Clancy Leimnaleha
Bridget Finucane Leimnaleha
Michael Finucane Leimnaleha
Bridget Clancy Lisnafaha
Michael Cleary Lisnafaha
Denis O’Dea Lisnafaha
John Sheedy Lisnafaha
Patrick Cullinan Tonlegee
Mary Kelly Tonlegee
Michael Larkens Tonlegee
Elizabeth McMahon Tonlegee
Thomas McMahon Tonlegee
John Sheehan Tonlegee
Honor Sheehan (Tom) Tonlegee
Thomas Troy Tonlegee
1875 Mary Clancy Breafa
Thomas McGrath Breafa
Denis Clancy Burren
Martin Clancy Burren
Anne Ronan Clonfurish
James Egan Coolsippeen
Bridget Honan (Dr) Coolsippeen
Margaret Honan (Dr) Coolsippeen
Patrick Clancy (Ml) Glencanane
Thomas Clancy (Ml) Glencanane
John King Glencanane
Mary A McMahon Glencanane
Patrick McMahon Glencanane
Ellen Moloney Glencanane
Michael Barry Lack
Mary Cusack Lack
Bridget Honan Lack
Catherine Honan (Matt) Lack
Denis Clancy Leimnaleha
John Clancy Leimnaleha
John Clancy (Denis) Leimnaleha
James Finucane Leimnaleha
Patrick Finucane Leimnaleha
Ellen Clancy (Pat) Lisnafaha
John O’Dea Lisnafaha
Mary Kelly Renappa
Michael Kelly Renappa (ex Lissycasey)
Patrick McNamara Renappa (ex Lissycasey)
James Quinlivan Renappa (ex Lissycasey)
William Quinlivan Renappa (ex Lissycasey)
Patrick Halloran Tonlegee
John Mahon Tonlegee
1876 Bridget McNamara Burren
Catherine McNamara Burren
Mary McNamara Burren
Honor Normoyle Clonola (ex Coolmeen)
John Walsh Crahera
Mary Doherty Glounaprehane
Michael Hill Glencanane
Martin King Glencanane
Thomas Casey Gurtglass
Anne Barry Lack
Elizabeth Barry Lack
Mary Crowley Lack
Catherine Hehir Lack
Patrick (James) Hehir Lack
John Honan (Mich) Lack
Thomas Honan (Mich) Lack
Bridget Clancy (Denis) Leimnaleha
James Clancy (Denis) Leimnaleha
John McNamara Leimnaleha
Mary McNamara (Pat) Leimnaleha
Anne Sheehan Leimnaleha
James Clancy (Jas) Lisnafaha
Martin Cleary Lisnafaha
Margaret McCarthy Lisnafaha
Mary McCarthy Lisnafaha
Mary O’Dea Lisnafaha
Patrick Sheedy Lisnafaha
Honor Sheehan Tonlegee
Anne Sheehan (Cor) Tonlegee
Martin Sheehan (May) Tonlegee
Michael Sheehan (Tom) Tonlegee
Thomas Donoghue Tonlegee (ex Kildysart)
1877 Michael Hehir Burren
Patrick Hehir Burren
Patrick McNamara Burren
Honor Browne Burren (ex Lacken)
Mary Browne Burren (ex Lacken)
Laurence Considine Coolsippeen
Ellen Fodge Coolsippeen
Mary Fodge Coolsippeen
John Honan Coolsippeen
Thomas Kelly Coolsippeen
Patrick Walsh Crahera (ex Calladota)
Anne Clancy Glencanane
Margaret Cusack Lack
Patrick Hill Glencanane
Mary Barry Lack
Patrick Moloney Glencanane
Mary Doherty Glounaprehane
Thomas Barry Lack
Honor Honan Lack
Michael Honan Lack
Mary Honan Lack (ex Kildysart)
Bridget Finucane Leimnaleha
Catherine Finucane Leimnaleha
Thomas McNamara Leimnaleha
Bridget Sheedy Lisnafaha
1878 Honor Walsh Ballydinneen
Susan Collins Birrinfada
Michael Clancy Burren
Mary Hehir Burren
Honor McNamara Burren
James Considine Coolsippeen
Mary Considine Coolsippeen
Michael Walsh Crahera (ex Calladota)
Andrew Honan Lack
Andrew Honan (Mat) Lack
Ellen Clancy Leimnaleha
Ellen Mann Leimnaleha
Anne McGrath Leimnaleha
Catherine McNamara Leimnaleha
Cornelius Cleary Lisnafaha
Mary Kelly Tonlegee
Patrick Kirrane Tonlegee
Honor Sheehan (Ml) Tonlegee
Anne Sheehan (Pat) Tonlegee
Catherine Sheehan (Pat) Tonlegee
1879 Catherine Hehir Burren
Michael Hill Glencanane
Patrick Hill Glencanane
Michael King Glencanane
James King Glounaprehane
Susan Cotter Kilmehil
Maria Frawley Kilmehil
Lucy Barry Lack
Denis Hehir Lack
Mary Clancy Leimnaleha
Honor McCarthy Lisnafaha
Margaret O’Dea Lisnafaha
Mary Clancy Tonlegee
Margaret Clancy (Denis) Leimnaleha
Mary Kelly (Ml) Tonlegee
Mary Kirrane Tonlegee
Susan Mongovan Tonlegee
1880 Bridget Clancy (Js) Burren
William Considine Burren (ex Kildysart)
Susan Considine Burren (ex Kildysart)
Andrew Ronan Clonfurish
Ellen Bourke Coolsippeen
Bridget Fodge Coolsippeen
James Fodge Coolsippeen
Mary Fodge Coolsippeen
James Hannon Coolsippeen
John Hannon Coolsippeen
Ellen Honan Coolsippeen
Michael Clancy Glencanane
John King Glounaprehane
Thomas King Glounaprehane
Anne Clancy Leimnaleha
Bridget Clancy (John) Leimnaleha
Patrick McCarthy Lisnafaha
Bridget Clancy Tonlegee
Margaret Clancy Tonlegee
James Kirrane Tonlegee
Bridget Sheehan Tonlegee
Cornelius Sheehan Tonlegee
1881 John Curtin Burren
Winifred Curtin Burren
Mary Anne Curtin Burren (ex Cranny)
Margaret Hehir Burren
Mary Browne Cahirmurphy
Ellen Hannon Coolsippeen
Martin Hehir Crahera
Michael McMahon Crahera
Bridget King Glounaprehane
Honor McNamara Greygrove
Johanna Barry Lack
Mary Honan (Matt) Lack
Anne King Lack
Thomas Honan Lack (ex Cranny)
Martin Finucane Leimnaleha
Bridget Eyres Lisnafaha
Sarah McCarthy Lisnafaha
Patrick O’Dea Lisnafaha
Daniel Sheedy Lisnafaha
Margaret Sheedy Lisnafaha
Margaret Kelly Tonlegee
1882 Susan Honan Coolsippeen
Mary Hehir Crahera
Mary McMahon Crahera
Catherine Clancy Glencanane
Margaret King Glounaprehane
Margaret Honan (Dr) Lack
Mary Kelly Lack
Anne O’Keeffe Lack
James Finucane Leimnaleha (ex Lissycasey)
Mary Clancy Lisnafaha
Elizabeth Kelly Tonlegee
John Kelly Tonlegee
Mary Kelly Tonlegee
Bridget Kelly (Jas) Tonlegee
Bridget Mongovan Tonlegee
Cornelius Sheehan Tonlegee
Thomas Kelly Tonlegee (ex Kilmurry McMahon)
1883 Mary Corbette Burren
Catherine McNamara Burren
Michael McMahon Coolsippeen
Richard Eyres Cranny (Orphan)
Michael O’Dea Glounaprehane
Anthony Breen Gloun
John Barry Lack
Bridget Kelly Lack
Margaret King Lack
John McMahon Lack
Laurence McMahon Lack
John Kirrane Tonlegee
Mary McGrath Tonlegee
Thomas Moran Tonlegee
Patrick McDonnell Tonlegee (ex Lissycasey)
Catherine McGrath Tonlegee (ex Lissycasey)
Patrick McGrath Tonlegee (ex Lissycasey)
Thomas McGrath Tonlegee (ex Lissycasey)
Patrick O’Dea Tonlegee (ex Shannon View)
Thomas O’Dea Tonlegee (ex Shannon View)
1884 Patrick Coleman Burren
John McMahon Coolsippeen
Michael King Lack
Sinon O’Keeffe Lack
Mary Collins Sheshive
Michael Collins Sheshive
Thomas Kelly Tonlegee
Anne Sheedy Lisnafaha
Thomas Sheehan Tonlegee
1885 Catherine Clancy Burren
James Normoyle Burren
Thomas Normoyle Burren
Thomas Honan Coolsippeen
Bridget Meade Crahera
Mary Meade Crahera
Simon Clancy Glencanane
John O’Dea Glounaprehane
Mary O’Dea Glounaprehane
Catherine McInerney Horse Island
John Butler Lack
William Butler Lack
Michael Honan Lack
John Kelly Lack
Ellen King Lack
Susan Finucane Leimnaleha
Patrick McNamara Leimnaleha (ex Lissycasey)
Martin Clancy Lisnafaha
Sinon McCarthy Lisnafaha
Bridget Kirrane Tonlegee
James Sheehan Tonlegee
Patrick Sheehan Tonlegee
1886 Honor Honan Coolsippeen
Ellen Murphy Coolsippeen
John Murphy Coolsippeen
Anne Honan Lack
John Honan Lack
Margaret O’Keeffe Lack
Philip Kelly Tonlegee
Sarah Kelly Tonlegee
Ellen Sheehan Tonlegee
1887 Margaret Corbette Burren
Martin Hehir Burren
Thomas McNamara Burren
Michael Murrihy Burren (ex Cranny)
Thomas Murrihy Burren (ex Cranny)
John Clancy Glencanane
Honor Driscoll Glounaprehane
Niall Driscoll Glounaprehane
Joseph Barry Lack
Patrick Ginnane Lack
Margaret Hickey Lack
Martin Honan Lack
Margaret McMahon Lack
John O’Keeffe Lack
Patrick Clancy Leimnaleha
Honor Finucane Leimnaleha
Catherine McGrath Leimnaleha
Mary McGrath Leimnaleha
John Finucane Leimnaleha (ex Lissycasey)
Thomas Sheedy Lisnafaha
John Collins Sheshive
Catherine Kirrane Tonlegee
1888 Michael Meade Crahera
Michael Kelly Lack
Bridget Finucane Leimnaleha
Thomas Finucane Leimnaleha
Michael McCarthy Lisnafaha
Stephen Clancy Tonlegee
Patrick Kelly Tonlegee
John Sheehan Tonlegee
1889 Martin Clancy Burren
Mary Clancy Burren
Anne Meade Crahera
Thomas Coffey Glencanane
Anne O’Dea Glounaprehane
John O’Dea Glounaprehane
John Sheehan Glencanane
Mary Hehir Lack
James Hickey Lack
Patrick Honan Lack
Patrick King Lack
Sinon McMahon Lack
Susan Finucane Leimnaleha
Bridget Kelly Leimnaleha
Thomas Kelly Tonlegee
Michael O’Dea Tonlegee
1890 Jane Honan Coolsippeen
John Meade Crahera
Susan O’Dea Glounaprehane
Mary Sheehan Glounaprehane
Bridget Hehir Lack
Mary Hickey Lack
Mary O’Keeffe Lack
Anne O’Dea Lisnafaha
Anne Kirrane Tonlegee
Thomas Sheehan Tonlegee
1891 Delia Mulqueen Coolsippeen
Thomas Roache Coolsippeen
Denis Hannon Coolsippeen (ex Ballynacally)
Bridget Hill Glencanane
James Hill Glencanane
Thomas Hill Glencanane
Martin Clancy Lack
Michael Clancy Lack
Margaret Crowley Lack
Daniel Honan Lack
Mathew Honan Lack
Thomas Kelly Lack
James King Lack
Michael Kelly Leimnaleha
Anne Clancy Tonlegee
Ellen Clancy Tonlegee
Johanna Clancy Tonlegee
John Kelly Tonlegee
Margaret Kirrane Tonlegee
Patrick Sheehan Tonlegee
1892 Bridget Clancy Burren
John Roache Coolsippeen
Patrick Butler Lack
Ellen Kelly Lack
Michael Murphy Lack
Mary Sheehan Tonlegee
1893 Catherine Barry Coolsippeen
Anne Murphy Coolsippeen
John Purcell Coolsippeen
Michael Purcell Coolsippeen
Patrick Purcell Coolsippeen
Henry Barry Coolsippeen (ex Ballyorgan)
Patrick Barry Coolsippeen (ex Ballyorgan)
Helena Clancy Glencanane
John Hill Glencanane
John Clancy Glencanane (ex Gortglass)
Denis Hill Glencanane (ex Gortglass)
John O’Brien Glencanane (ex Kildysart)
Catherine Butler Lack
Catherine Hehir Lack
Francis Hickey Lack
Bridget King Lack
John McGrath Leimnaleha (ex Lissycasey)
Michael Sheedy Lisnafaha
Elizabeth Clancy Tonlegee
Mary Kelly Tonlegee
Michael Kelly (Michael) Tonlegee
Anne Sheehan Tonlegee
Margaret Buckley Tonlegee (ex Foynes)
1894 Anne Clancy Burren
Martin Hehir Burren (ex Pitfield)
Patrick Mulqueen Coolsippeen
Patrick Murphy Coolsippeen
Patrick Roache Coolsippeen
Thomas Meade Crahera
Anne Clancy Glencanane
Mary Clancy Glencanane
Susan Clancy Glencanane
Catherine Barry Lack
Martin O’Keeffe Lack
James O’Neill Lavalla (ex Pitfield)
Mary Kelly Leimnaleha
Mary McDermott Leimnaleha
Mary McGrath Leimnaleha
Michael McGrath Leimnaleha
Patrick McGrath Leimnaleha
Susan McGrath Leimnaleha
Johanna Clancy Tonlegee
Joseph Kelly Tonlegee
Margaret Kelly Tonlegee
Catherine McGrath Tonlegee
Richard Sheehan Tonlegee
Conor Sheehan Tonleqee
1895 Honor Clancy Burren
Susan McNamara Burren
Catherine Roache Coolsippeen
Agnes Clancy Glencanane
Alice Clancy Glencanane
Elizabeth Clancy Glencanane
Michael Hickey Lack
Catherine Kelly Lack
Andrew Daly Lack (ex Fergus View)
William McDermott Leimnaleha
Jane McGrath Leimnaleha
James Kelly Tonlegee
Bridget Kelly (Jas) Tonlegee
Margaret King Tonlegee
Patrick Sheehan Tonlegee
1896 Nora Walsh Ballydineen (ex Cranny)
David Costelloe Coolsippeen
Peter Murphy Coolsippeen
James Meade Crahera
Martin Hill Glencanane
Elizabeth O’Keeffe Lack
Margaret Kelly Leimnaleha
Margaret McDermott Leimnaleha
James Sheehan Tonlegee
1897 Stephen Clancy Burren
Frances Clancy Glencanane
Martin Butler Lack
Thomas Butler Lack
Patrick Hehir Lack
Susan King Lack
Bridget Kelly (Ml) Tonlegee
Mary King Tonlegee
Honor Sheehan Tonlegee
James Gavin Tonlegee (ex Pitfield)
1898 Honor Costelloe Coolsippeen
Mary Larkin Coolsippeen
Bridget Roache Coolsippeen
Michael Larkin Coolsippeen (ex Pitfield)
Patrick Larkin Coolsippeen (ex Pitfield)
John Clancy Glencanane
John Moloney Glencanane
Patrick Moloney Glencanane
Bridget Hickey Lack
Thomas Larkin Rossmount
Patrick Kelly Tonlegee
1899 Patrick Clancy Burren
Helena Costelloe Coolsippeen
Catherine Murphy Coolsippeen
Teresa Clancy Glencanane
Winifred Kelly Lack
Michael Kelly Tonlegee
Michael King Tonlegee
Margaret Sheehan Tonlegee
Michael Sheehan Tonlegee
James McMahon Tonlegee (ex Tullycrine)
1900 John Hickey Lack
Bridget Griffin Tonlegee
Bridget Sheehan Tonlegee
1901 Michael O’Dea Crahera
Patrick O’Dea Crahera
Josephine McMahon Cranny
Honor Slattery Kilmurray
Martin Hehir Lack
Catherine Linnane Leimnaleha
Mary Kate Griffin Tonlegee
James Kelly Tonlegee
1902 James Clancy Burren
John Clancy Burren
Patrick Egan Coolsippeen
John Hannon Coolsippeen
Margaret Roache Coolsippeen
Delia Moloney Glencanane
Honor Moloney Glencanane
Bridget Kelly Tonlegee
Catherine Kelly Tonlegee
Mary Kelly Tonlegee
Ellen King Tonlegee
John King Tonlegee
Margaret Sheehan Tonlegee
Patrick Sheehan Tonlegee
Susan Sheehan Tonlegee
Thomas Sheehan Tonlegee
1903 Martin Meade Crahera
Martin O’Dea Crahera
Mary Anne Clancy Glencanane
Patrick Clancy Lisnafaha
Thomas Clancy Lisnafaha
Honor Gavin Tonlegee
John Griffin Tonlegee
1904 Sinon Walsh Breafa West (ex Lissycasey)
Margaret Egan Coolsippeen
Patrick Hehir Lack
Mary Coughlan Leimnaleha
Bryan Sheedy Lisnafaha (ex Gortglas)
Patrick Blake Tonlegee
Martin King Tonlegee
1905 John O’Loughlin Ballylean
Michael O’Loughlin Ballylean
Thomas O’Loughlin Ballylean
Michael Roache Coolsippeen
Margaret Cleary Crahera
Mary Cleary Crahera
Cecelia Clancy Glencanane
Margaret Clancy Glencanane
Malachy Griffin Tonlegee
Margaret Kelly Tonlegee
John Sheehan Tonlegee
Mary Sheehan Tonlegee
1906 Susan Clancy Clonfurish
Margaret Egan Coolsippeen
Bridget O’Dea Crahera
Mary Hehir Lack
Bridget King Tonlegee
1907 Louisa Egan Coolsippeen
Frances Honan Ennis
Thomas Clancy Glencanane
Johanna Murphy Lack
Margaret Murphy Lack
John Murphy Lack (ex Lissycasey)
Patrick Murphy Lack (ex Lissycasey)
Martin Kelly Tonlegee
Patrick Kelly Tonlegee
Patrick King Tonlegee
1908 Conor Clancy Clonfurish
Mary Roache Coolsippeen
Susan Roache Coolsippeen
Martin Moloney Glencanane
Thomas Moloney Glencanane
Margaret Hehir Lack
Martin Hehir Lack
Ellen Honan Lack
Mary Clancy Lisnafaha
John Blake Tonlegee
Patrick Griffin Tonlegee
Anne Kelly Tonlegee
Anne Sheehan Tonlegee
Catherine Sheehan Tonlegee
1909 Mary Frawley Burren
Patrick J. Frawley Burren
Thomas Frawley Burren
Denis Clancy Clonfurish
James Egan Coolsippeen
Mary O’Dea Crahera
Anne Clancy Lisnafaha
Mary McCarthy Lisnafaha
Michael McCarthy Lisnafaha
Mary O’Dea Lisnafaha
Anne Griffin Tonlegee
Anne King Tonlegee
1910 John Edward Collins Burren
Catherine Hill Glencanane
Mary Hill Glencanane
Mary A. McMahon Glencanane
Catherine Moloney Glencanane
Mary King Lack
John Clancy Lisnafaha
John O’Dea Lisnafaha
1911 Nora Egan Coolsippeen
Anne O’Dea Crahera
Sarah Hill Glencanane
Patrick McMahon Glencanane
John Hehir Lack
Andrew Honan Lack
Jane Mulqueen Leimnaleha
Josephine Mulqueen Leimnaleha
Bridget McCarthy Lisnafaha
James Blake Tonlegee
Nora Griffin Tonlegee
Michael O’Connor Tonlegee
1912 Mary Murphy Coolsippeen
Joseph Cleary Crahera
Michael Cleary Crahera
Daniel Moloney Glencanane
Patrick J Mulqueen Leimnaleha
Stephen Mulqueen Leimnaleha
Anne O’Dea Lisnafaha
Thomas Kelly Tonlegee
1913 James Collins Burren
John Frawley Burren
George Clancy Clonfurish
Catherine O’Dea Crahera
Sarah McCarthy Lisnafaha
Agnes Buckley Tonlegee
James Cahill Tonlegee
James King Tonlegee
Michael Sheehan Tonlegee
Patrick Sheehan Tonlegee
1914 Johanna Hill Glencanane
James Moloney Glencanane
William Moloney Glencanane
Richard Stevens Glencanane (ex Chicago)
Frances Honan Lack
Mary Anne Honan Lack
Mary King Lack
Elizabeth O’Dea Lisnafaha
Stephen Clancy Tonlegee
John Driscoll Tonlegee
Margaret Griffin Tonlegee
Patrick Murrihy Tonlegee
1915 Mary Barry Coolsippeen
Joseph Egan Coolsippeen
Peter Egan Coolsippeen
Mary Honan (John) Coolsippeen
Susan Murphy Coolsippeen
Martin Blake Tonlegee
Margaret Coffey Tonlegee
Mary Coffey Tonlegee
Thomas Coffey Tonlegee
1916 Agnes Frawley Burren
Thomas Egan Coolsippeen
Thomas Sheehan Lack
Bridget Finucane Leimnaleha
Catherine Finucane Leimnaleha
Daniel Cahill Tonlegee
Nora Honan Tonlegee
Bridget Purtell Tonlegee
John Purtell Tonlegee
Mary Sheehan Tonlegee
Joseph Purtell Tonlegee (ex Connolly)
1917 Joseph Murphy Coolsippeen
Agnes Hill Caherea and Leimnaleha
Ellen O’Dea Crahera
Margaret Clancy Leimnaleha
Mary A Finucane Leimnaleha
Margaret McCarthy Lisnafaha
Denis Cahill Tonlegee
1918 Dermot Honan Coolsippeen
Michael Clancy Lisnafaha
Patrick Coffey Tonlegee
Mary Murrihy Tonlegee
John Sheehan Tonlegee
1919 Mary Moloney Glencanane
Agnes Finucane Leimnaleha
Eileen McCarthy Lisnafaha
Mary Sheehan Tonlegee
1920 John A. Egan Coolsippeen
Patrick Honan Coolsippeen
John O’Dea Crahera
Johanna Sheehan Lack
Daniel Clancy Lisnafaha
Jane Anne Clancy Lisnafaha
Bridget Coffey Tonlegee
Mary McCarthy Tonlegee
1921 Bridget Meere Ballylean
Michael Costelloe Coolsippeen
Mary Honan Lack
Patrick Sheehan Lack
Nora Finucane Leimnaleha
Susan Clancy Lisnafaha
Ellen McInerney Lisnafaha
Anne Sheehan Tonlegee
1922 Sinon Moloney Glencanane
John Kelly Lack
Bernard Clancy Lisnafaha
Delia Cahill Tonlegee
Tessie Kelly Tonlegee
1923 Helena Coughlan Coolsippeen
Clare Millar Coolsippeen
Margaret Sheehan Lack
James Clancy Lisnafaha
Joseph Kelly Tonlegee
Michael Kelly Tonlegee
Joseph Millar Tonlegee
Mary Murphy Tonlegee
Thomas Sheehan Tonlegee
1924 Elizabeth Moloney Glencanane
Mary Kelly Lack
Brian Mongey Lack
Anne Coffey Tonlegee
Nora Coffey Tonlegee
Mary Griffin Tonlegee
Nora Griffin Tonlegee
John Kelly Tonlegee
Joseph Murphy Tonlegee
Joseph McSweeney Tonlegee (ex Kilrush)
1925 Michael Moloney Glencanane
John Sheehan Lack
Vincent Clancy Lisnafaha
Patrick J Kelly Tonlegee
Bridget Sheehan Tonlegee
Michael Costelloe Tonlegee
1926 Bridget Kelly Breafa
Susan Kelly Breafa
James Hehir Glencanane
Christopher Finucane Leimnaleha
Patrick Murphy Tonlegee
Martin Butler Tonlegee
Patrick J Gleeson Tonlegee
1927 Michael Blake Coolsippeen
Michael Ryan Coolsippeen
Patrick Finucane Leimnaleha
1928 Margaret (Peggy) Gavin Ardnagla
Mary Gavin Ardnagla
John Gavin Ardnagla (ex Knockera)
Patrick Gavin Ardnagla (ex Knockera)
Patrick Donnellan Ballylean
Mary Kate Clancy Burren
Patrick J Coughlan Coolsippeen
Agnes Hehir Glencanane
Mary Hehir Glencanane
Margaret Honan Lack
Mary Margaret Kelly Tonlegee
John Cleary Leimnaleha
Valentine Sheedy Lisnafaha
1929 Imelda Honan Coolsippeen
John Sheils Ennis
Joan Hehir Glencanane
1930 Bridget Gavin Ardnagla
Bridget Clancy Burren
Patrick Moore Lack
Thomas Kelly Tonlegee
John Murphy Tonlegee
James Kelly Tonlegee (parents in U.S.A.)
1931 Vera Gavin Ardnagla Bheronca Ni Ghabhain Ard na gCloc
John Coughlan Coolsippeen Sean O Cochlain Cul Sipin
Brigid Griffin Kildysart Brid Ni Ghriofa Cill an Disirt
Jane Hehir Lack Sinead Ni Aithchir Leac
Mary Hehir Lack Maire Ni Aithchir Leac
Ita Honan Lack Ide Ni Eoghainin Leac
Mary O Neill Lisnafaha Maire Ni Neill Lios Na Fathach
Patrick Sheehan Tonlegee Padraig O Siochain Ton le Gaoith
1932 Martin Gavin Ardnagla Mairtin O Gabhain Ard na gCloc
Kathleen Donnellan Ballylean Caitlin Ni Dhomnallain Baile Leine
Patrick Clancy Burren Padraig Mac Flanncha Boireann
Peter Clancy Burren Peadar Mac Flanncha Boireann
Patrick Normoyle Burren Padraig Mac Confhormaoile Boireann
Mary Murphy Coolsippeen Maire Ni Mhurchu Cul Sipin
Mary Meade Crahera Maire Ni Mhideach Crathara
Thomas Meade Crahera Tomas O Midheach Crathara
Mary Ryan Kilrush Maire Ni Riain Cill Ruis
Donal Kelly Lack Domhnall O Ceallaigh Leac
Thomas Kelly Lack Tomas O Ceallaigh Leac
Patrick McMahon Lack Padraig Mac Mathuna Leac
Thomas McMahon Lack Tomas Mac Mathuna Leac
Christopher McGrath Leimnaleha Criostoir Mac Craith Leim Na Latha
Michael Kelly Tonlegee Micheal O Ceallaigh Ton le Gaoith
1933 Susan Clancy Burren Siobhain Ni Fhlanncha Boireann
Mary Normoyle Burren Maire Ni Chonformaoile Boireann
Colette Egan Coolsippeen Colette Ni Aodhagain Cul Sipin
Anne Murphy Coolsippeen Aine Ni Mhurchu Cul Sipin
Sheila Hehir Glencanane Sile Ni Aithchir Leac
Kathleen Kelly Lack Cait Ni Cheallaigh Leac
Vincent Kelly Lack Uinnsionn O Ceallaigh Leac
Thomas Sheedy Lisnafaha Tomas O’Sioda Lios Na Fathach
Elizabeth Kelly Tonlegee Eibhlis Ni Cheallaigh Ton le Gaoith
1934 Una Donnellan Ballylean Una Ni Dhomnallain Baile Leine
Thomas Coughlan Coolsippeen Tomas O Cochlain Cul Sipin
John Meade Crahera Sean O Midheach Crathara
Susan Hehir Lack Siobhain Ni Aithchir Leac
John McMahon Lack Sean Mac Mathuna Leac
1935 Anne Normoyle Burren Aine Ni Chonformaoile Boireann
James Normoyle Burren Seamus Mac Confhormaoile Boireann
Michael O Neill Lisnafaha Micheal O’Neill Lios Na Fathach
Alphonsus Sheedy Lisnafaha Alphonsus O’Sioda Lios Na Fathach
1936 Joseph Haugh Clonakilla Seosamh O hEochaidh Cluain Na Cille
Peter Coughlan Coolsippeen Peadar O Cochlain Cul Sipin
Margaret Hehir Lack Mairead Ni Aithchir Leac
Martin McMahon Lack Mairtin Mac Mathuna Leac
Donal McGrath Leimnaleha Domhnall Mac Craith Leim Na Latha
Brigid Kelly Tonlegee Brid Ni Cheallaigh Ton le Gaoith
Mary Normoyle Tonlegee Maire Ni Chonformaoile Boireann
1937 Michael Haugh Clonakilla Micheal O hEochaidh Cluain Na Cille
Patrick Sheehan Tonlegee Padraig O Siochain Ton le Gaoith
1938 Thomas Normoyle Burren Tomas Mac Confhormaoile Boireann
Kathleen Meade Crahera Cait Ni Mhideach Crathara
1939 Anne Donnellan Ballylean Aine Ni Dhomnallain Baile Leine
Patrick Coughlan Breafa Padraig O Cochlain Breaffa
Teresa Coughlan Breafa Treasa Ni Choclain Breaffa
May Coughlan Coolsippeen Maire Ni Choclain Cul Sipin
Kathleen Cunningham Leimnaleha Caitlin Ni Chuinneagain Leim Na Latha
Thomas Cunningham Leimnaleha Tomas O Cuinneagain Leim Na Latha
1940 Brigid Meade Crahera Brid Ni Mhideach Crathara
James Kelly Tonlegee Seamus O Ceallaigh Ton le Gaoith
Thomas Kelly Tonlegee Tomas O Ceallaigh Ton le Gaoith
Mary King Tonlegee Maire Ni Riogh Ton le Gaoith
1941 Sheila Normoyle Burren Sile Ni Chonformaoile Boireann
Micheal Kelly Tonlegee Micheal O Ceallaigh Ton le Gaoith
Sarah Kelly Tonlegee Sorcha Ni Cheallaigh Ton le Gaoith
Sally King Tonlegee Sorcha Ni Riogh Ton le Gaoith
Flann Sheehan Tonlegee Flannan O Siochain Ton le Gaoith
1942 Maretta Hehir Ballycorick Maire Ni Aithchir Ballycorick
James Coughlan Breafa Seamus O Cochlain Breaffa
Anne Egan Coolsippeen Aine Ni Aodhagain Cul Sipin
Margaret Murphy Lack Mairead Ni Mhurchu Leac
Maire McNamara Leimnaleha Maire Ni Chonmara Leim Na Latha
1943 Eileen Normoyle Burren Eibhlin Ni Chonformaoile Boireann
Thomas Griffin Clonakilla Tomas O Griofa Cluain Na Cille
Michael Coughlan Coolsippeen Micheal O Cochlain Cul Sipin
Rita Cunningham Leimnaleha Rita Ni Chuinneagain Leim Na Latha
1944 Thomas Haugh Clonakilla Tomas O hEochaidh Cluain Na Cille
Donal Guinane Coney Island Domhnall Guinane Coney Island
Michael Guinane Coney Island Micheal Guinane Coney Island
Brigid Coughlan Coolsippeen Brid Ni Choclain Cul Sipin
Sean Murphy Lack Sean O Murchu Leac
Philomena Kelly Tonlegee Filimine Ni Cheallaigh Ton le Gaoith
1945 Cecelia Coughlan Breafa Cecelia Ni Choclain Breaffa
Brigid Haugh Clonakilla Brid Ni Eochaidh Cluain Na Cille
Joseph Meade Crahera Seosamh O Midheach Crathara
Patrick Walsh Crahera Padraig Breathnach Crathara
Michael King Tonlegee Micheal Mac an Riogh Ton le Gaoith
1946 John Murphy Coolsippeen Sean O Murchu Cul Sipin
John Joe Walsh Crahera Sean S. Breathnach Crathara
John Carroll Kildysart Sean O Cearbaill Cill an Disirt
Kathleen McNamara Leimnaleha Caitlin Ni Chonmara Leim Na Latha
Margaret McNamara Leimnaleha Mairead Ni Chonmara Leim Na Latha
Margaret McNamara Leimnaleha Mairead Ni Chonmara Leim Na Latha
Mae Frawley Tonlegee Maire Ni Fhreaghaile Ton le Gaoith
Sean Kelly Tonlegee Sean O Ceallaigh Ton le Gaoith
Brigid King Tonlegee Brid Ni Riogh Ton le Gaoith
1947 Liam Corbette Birrinfada Liam O Corbain Boireann Fada
Thomas Walsh Crahera Tomas Breathnach Crathara
Martin Griffin Kildysart Mairtin O Griofa Cill an Disirt
Patrick Glynn Tonlegee Padraig O Gloinn Ton le Gaoith
Liam McGrath Tonlegee Liam Mac Craith Ton le Gaoith
1948 Patricia Gavin Ardnagla Padraigin Ni Ghabhain Ard na gCloc
Elizabeth McNamara Leimnaleha Eibhlis Ni Chonmara Leim Na Latha
Michael Frawley Tonlegee Micheal O Freaghaile Ton le Gaoith
Thomas J Frawley Tonlegee Tomas O Freaghaile Ton le Gaoith
1949 Maureen Corbette Birrinfada Mairin Ni Corbain Boireann Fada
Michael Walsh Crahera Micheal Breathnach Crathara
Michael Liddy Glencanane Micheal O Lideadha Gleann Conain
Thomas McCarthy Lisnafaha Tomas Mac Carthaigh Lios Na Fathach
Mary McGuane Lisnafaha Maire Ni Dhubhain Lios Na Fathach
Denis O’Dea Lisnafaha Donnchadh O Da Lios Na Fathach
Mary O’Dea Lisnafaha Maire Ni Dha Lios Na Fathach
Patrick Kelly Tonlegee Padraig O Ceallaigh Ton le Gaoith
1950 Patrick Liddy Glencanane Padraig O Lideadha Gleann Conain
Martin McNamara Leimnaleha Mairtin Mac Con Mara Leim Na Latha
Mary Clancy Lisnafaha Maire Ni Fhlanncha Lios Na Fathach
Mary Griffin Tonlegee Maire Ni Ghriofa Ton le Gaoith
Mary Sheehan Tonlegee Maire Ni Shiochain Ton le Gaoith
1951 Chrissy Coughlan Coolsippeen Cris Ni Choclain Cul Sipin
Mary Hehir Crahera Maire Ni Aithchir Crathara
James Hehir Lack Seamus O hAithchir Leac
Patrick Joseph Hehir Lack Padraig O hAithchir Leac
Martin McCarthy Lisnafaha Mairtin Mac Carthaigh Lios Na Fathach
Mary McCarthy Lisnafaha Maire Ni Charthaigh Lios Na Fathach
Michael O’Dea Lisnafaha Micheal O Da Lios Na Fathach
Susan Griffin Tonlegee Siobhain Ni Ghriofa Ton le Gaoith
Martin Kelly Tonlegee Mairtin O Ceallaigh Ton le Gaoith
1952 Marie Clohessy Ardnagla Maire Ni Chlochasaigh Ard na gCloc
Charles McCarthy Ballylean Searlas Mac Carthaigh Baile Leine
Mary McCarthy Ballylean Maire Ni Charthaigh Baile Leine
Michael McCarthy Ballylean Micheal Mac Carthaigh Baile Leine
Patrick McCarthy Ballylean Padraig Mac Carthaigh Baile Leine
Anne Garry Clonfurish Aine Ni Gharrai Cluain Fuiris
Margaret Hehir Crahera Mairead Ni Aithchir Crathara
Flann Walsh Crahera Flannan Breathnach Crathara
Louis Clancy Glencanane Lu Mac Flanncha Gleann Conain
Paul Clancy Glencanane Pol Mac Flanncha Gleann Conain
Anne Clancy Lisnafaha Aine Ni Fhlanncha Lios Na Fathach
Eileen Sheehan Tonlegee Eibhlin Ni Shiochain Ton le Gaoith
1953 Chrissy Doohan Ballylean Cris Ni Dhubhchain Baile Leine
Mary Doohan Ballylean Maire Ni Dhubhchain Baile Leine
Susan Doohan Ballylean Siobhain Ni Dhubhchain Baile Leine
Martin McCarthy Ballylean Mairtin Mac Carthaigh Baile Leine
Mary McGuane Birrinfada Maire Ni Dhubhain Boireann Fada
Francis Kelly Breafa Prionnsias O Ceallaigh Breaffa
Patrick J. Garry Clonfurish Padraig O Garrai Cluain Fuiris
Ambrose O’Dea Crahera Ambrois O Da Crathara
Betty Moloney Glencanane Eibhlis Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh Gleann Conain
Kevin Moloney Glencanane Caoimhin O Maoldomhnaigh Gleann Conain
Mary Hehir Lack Maire Ni Aithchir Leac
Mary Clancy Leimnaleha Maire Ni Fhlanncha Lios Na Fathach
Brid McCarthy Lisnafaha Brid Ni Charthaigh Lios Na Fathach
Michael McGuane Lisnafaha Micheal O Dubhain Lios Na Fathach
Patrick. J. O’Dea Lisnafaha Padraig O Da Lios Na Fathach
Teddy Frawley Tonlegee Tadhg O Freaghaile Ton le Gaoith
Ita Griffin Tonlegee Ide Ni Ghriofa Ton le Gaoith
1954 Vincent Garry Clonfurish Uinnsionn O Garrai Cluain Fuiris
Mary O’Dea Crahera Maire Ni Dha Crathara
Mary Clancy Glencanane Maire Ni Fhlanncha Gleann Conain
Nora O’Dea Lisnafaha Nora Ni Dha Lios Na Fathach
1955 Senan McCarthy Ballylean Seanan Mac Carthaigh Baile Leine
Noel Kelly Breafa Nollaig O Ceallaigh Breaffa
Vincent Coughlan Coolsippeen Uinnsionn O Cochlain Cul Sipin
Martin Hehir Crahera Mairtin O hAithchir Crathara
Margaret Clancy Leimnaleha Mairead Ni Fhlanncha Leim Na Latha
Anne Griffin Tonlegee Aine Ni Ghriofa Ton le Gaoith
1956 Patrick Clohessy Ardnagla Padraig O Clochasaigh Ard na gCloc
Patrick McGuane Birrinfada Padraig O Dubhain Boireann Fada
Eileen Garry Clonfurish Eibhlin Ni Gharrai Cluain Fuiris
Imelda Honan Coolsippeen Imelda Ni Eoghainin Cul Sipin
Mary Honan Coolsippeen Maire Ni Eoghainin Cul Sipin
James Clancy Glencanane Seamus Mac Flanncha Gleann Conain
Marie McNamara Glencanane Maire Ni Chonmara Gleann Conain
James Egan Lack Seamus Mac Aodhagain Leac
Noel Egan Lack Nollaig Mac Aodhagain Leac
Claire Hehir Lack Clar Ni Aithchir Leac
Vincent Clancy Lisnafaha Uinnsionn Mac Flanncha Lios Na Fathach
Eileen O’Dea Lisnafaha Eibhlin Ni Dha Lios Na Fathach
1957 John Clohessy Ardnagla Sean O Clochasaigh Ard na gCloc
Monica Griffin Tonlegee Mona Ni Ghriofa Boireann
Senan Walsh Crahera Seanan Breathnach Crathara
Dympna Clancy Glencanane Dympna Ni Fhlanncha Gleann Conain
Sean Moloney Glencanane Sean O Maoldomhnaigh Gleann Conain
Maureen Egan Lack Maire Ni Aodhagain Leac
John Hehir Lack Sean O hAithchir Leac
Anthony Clancy Leimnaleha Antoin Mac Flanncha Leim Na Latha
Mary Kelly Leimnaleha Maire Ni Cheallaigh Leim Na Latha
John Frawley Tonlegee Sean O Freaghaile Ton le Gaoith
1958 Thomas McGuane Birrinfada Tomas O Dubhain Boireann Fada
Catherine Garry Clonfurish Caitlin Ni Garrai Cluain Fuiris
John Honan Coolsippeen Sean O Eoghanain Cul Sipin
Michael McMahon Crahera Micheal Mac Mathuna Crathara
Eileen Clancy Glencanane Eibhlin Ni Fhlanncha Gleann Conain
1959 Christopher McCarthy Ballylean Criostoir Mac Carthaigh Baile Leine
Brigid Honan Coolsippeen Brid Ni Eoghainin Cul Sipin
Martin McMahon Crahera Mairtin Mac Mathuna Crathara
Conor Sheehan Lack Conchubhair O Siochain Leac
Patrick Sheehan Lack Padraig O Siochain Leac
Fintan Kelly Leimnaleha Fiontan O Ceallaigh Leim Na Latha
Patricia Griffin Tonlegee Padraigin Ni Ghriofa Ton le Gaoith
1960 Kathleen Clohessy Ardnagla Caitlin Ni Chlochasaigh Ard na gCloc
Susan Garry Burren Siobhain Ni Gharrai Boireann
Mary Conlon Clonfurish Maire Ni Chonallain Cluain Fuiris
Mary McMahon Crahera Maire Ni Mhathuna Crathara
Michael Cunningham Knockalock Micheal O Cuinneagain Cnoch an Locha
Martin Hehir Lack Mairtin O hAithchir Leac
Susan Clancy Lisnafaha Siobhain Ni Fhlanncha Lios Na Fathach
Anne O’Dea Lisnafaha Aine Ni Dha Lios Na Fathach
Anthony Frawley Tonlegee Antoin O Freaghaile Ton le Gaoith
1961 Mary Meade Crahera Maire Ni Mhideach Crathara
Mary Cusack Glencanane Maire Ni Chiosog Gleann Conain
Paul Cusack Glencanane Pol O Ciosog Gleann Conain
Mary Cahill Tonlegee Maire Ni Chathail Ton le Gaoith
1962 Josephine Garry Burren Seosaimhin Ni Gharrai Boireann
Rita O’Dea Crahera Rita Ni Dha Crathara
Thomas Clancy Glencanane Tomas Mac Flanncha Gleann Conain
James McGuane Leimnaleha Seamus O Dubhain Leim Na Latha
Mary McNamara Leimnaleha Maire Ni Chonmara Leim Na Latha
Anne Cahill Tonlegee Aine Ni Chathail Ton le Gaoith
1963 Anne Meade Crahera Aine Ni Mhideach Crathara
John McGuane Leimnaleha Sean O Dubhain Leim Na Latha
Bernadette McNamara Leimnaleha Bernadette Ni Chonmara Leim Na Latha
1964 Kathleen Gavin Ardnagla Caitlin Ni Ghabhain Ard na gCloc
Teresa Gavin Ardnagla Treasa Ni Ghabhain Ard na gCloc
Anne Garry Burren Aine Ni Gharrai Boireann
Diana Moloney Glencanane Diana Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh Gleann Conain
Margaret Kelly Lack Mairead Ni Cheallaigh Leac
Marian Kelly Lack Maire Ni Cheallaigh Leac
John Convey Leimnaleha Sean Mac Conbhai Leim Na Latha
John O’Dea Lisnafaha Sean O Da Lios Na Fathach
Gerrard Cahill Tonlegee Gearoid O Cathail Ton le Gaoith
Margaret Frawley Tonlegee Mairead Ni Fhreaghaile Ton le Gaoith
1965 Kathleen Meade Crahera Caitlin Ni Mhideach Crathara
Bernadette Cusack Glencanane Bernadette Ni Chiosog Gleann Conain
Mary Sheehan Lack Maire Ni Shiochain Leac
Mary Convey Leimnaleha Maire Ni Chonbhai Leim Na Latha
Maureen McGuane Leimnaleha Mairin Ni Dhubhain Leim Na Latha
1966 Gerrard Garry Burren Gearoid O Garrai Boireann
Anne Moloney Glencanane Aine Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh Gleann Conain
Jane Kelly Lack Sinead Ni Cheallaigh Leac
Teresa Frawley Tonlegee Treasa Ni Fhreaghaile Ton le Gaoith
1967 John O Donnell Glencanane Sean O Domhnall Gleann Conain
Joseph O Donnell Glencanane Seosamh O Domhnall Gleann Conain
Joseph Sheehan Lack Seosamh O Siochain Leac
Margaret Sheehan Lack Mairead Ni Shiochain Leac
Kevin McGuane Leimnaleha Caoimhin O Dubhain Leim Na Latha
1968 Pauline Meade Crahera Poilin Ni Mhideach Crathara
John Cusack Glencanane Sean O Ciosog Gleann Conain
John Sheehan Lack Sean O Siochain Leac
Geraldine McNamara Leimnaleha Gearoidin Ni Chonmara Leim Na Latha
1969 Sean Kelly Lack Sean O Ceallaigh Leac
Margaret Convey Leimnaleha Mairead Ni Chonbhai Leim Na Latha
Michael McGuane Leimnaleha Micheal O Dubhain Leim Na Latha
Gerrard Kelly Tonlegee Gearoid O Ceallaigh Ton le Gaoith
Michael Kelly Tonlegee Micheal O Ceallaigh Ton le Gaoith
1970 John Meade Crahera Sean O Midheach Crathara
Brigid O’Dea Crahera Brid O Da Crathara
Michael Moloney Glencanane Micheal O Maoldomhnaigh Gleann Conain
1971 Mary Kelly Tonlegee Maire Ni Cheallaigh Leac
Gerrard Clancy Leimnaleha Gearoid Mac Flanncha Leim Na Latha
Claire Convey Leimnaleha Clar Ni Chonbhai Leim Na Latha
1972 Thomas Meade Crahera Tomas O Midheach Crathara
Mary Hehir Glencanane Maire Ni Aithchir Gleann Conain
Kieran O Donnell Glencanane Ciaran O Domhnall Gleann Conain
John Kelly Tonlegee Sean O Ceallaigh Ton le Gaoith
1973 Lucy Cusack Glencanane Lusai Ni Chiosog Gleann Conain
Mona Hehir Glencanane Mona Ni Aithchir Gleann Conain
1974 Sheila Hehir Glencanane Sile Ni Aithchir Gleann Conain
Brigid King Tonlegee Brid Ni Riogh Ton le Gaoith