Without doubt the most significant development over the past two hundred years in the Lack area was the introduction of compulsory education and the building of the national school. Those of us who grew up there through the middle of the twentieth century experienced a period of profound change.

Written by a native of the area, Lack – School and People is a detailed account of the introduction and development of primary education in the area, which is located midway between four villages in the south west of County Clare – Ballynacally, Cranny, Kildysart and Lissycasey. From a slow beginning the school brought the population from illiteracy to enlightenment. About forty of the pupils who registered after 1950 were to get very good quality public service employment. The school closed in 1975.

This website documents the author’s knowledge of the area during the second half of the twentieth century, and includes many photographs from his collection. Featuring local people, most he would have known, it is meant as a tribute to them and the community.

In response to demand I have arranged for my son Darragh to organise the contents of this webite in book format. Lack – School & People is now available as a 160 page soft-cover book at Blurb.com.